Presenting Nature Parks in Luxembourg

Natur- & Geopark MëllerdallClient: Natur- & Geopark Mëllerdall

Project detail

For the newly created Nature & Geopark Mëllerdall, we created a new WordPress-based website, including a bespoke theme based on a design created by communications agency Moskito and a dedicated plug-in that creates several domain-specific custom post types.

The front-page features an interactive map using svg shapes for each commune that is a member of the Nature & Geopark Mëllerdall. Each shape can be selected to find further information about the selected commune. Should any commune decide to join or leave the Park syndicate, all the web-site’s editors have to do is to add or remove a Commune post to or from the site.

List of projects

Another specificity of the Nature & Geopark Mëllerdall web-site is the Project custom post-type. A dedicated archive page allows site visitors to browse all projects and search or filter by various criteria. Once a project has been selected for viewing, you’ll notice that it’s linked to other content types, such as related and sub-projects, participating communes, events, posts and contact persons.

Linking the contents together like this allowed us to create some sort of a semantic web. Browsing to the contacts page and selecting a specific contact, visitors will also be able to see all projects that this person is involved in. As the Naturpark Öewersauer web-site described below, the web-site also includes a section to present all of their online publications.

The Nature & Geopark Mëllerdall web-site uses our EILAPI plug-in to automatically push selected events to

Naturpark Öewersauer Client: Naturpark Öewersauer

One good thing begets the next and so we were asked to also re-create the website for Naturpark Öewersauer. In terms of content, this web-site is a little more intricate than the web-site in that it presents a couple additional sections and functionalities.

Instead of Projects, Naturpark Öewersauer features Task Fields, a taxonomy of posts categorized by terms such as Mapping, Invasive Species or Biodiversity features detailed information on the park’s current undertakings. Each specific area can feature additional information, such as a descriptive summary, a photo gallery and, similar to Nature & Geopark Mëllerdall, a list of people responsible for this area and a set of related areas.

The most prominent of the additional functionalities on Naturpark Öewersauer is a front-end for interested people to see on which dates a trip with the park’s Solar Boat can be still be booked. The Solar-Boat calendar consists of a stand-alone plug-in and is implemented using vue.js, rendering almost entirely on the front-end.

More in line with the general structure of the Nature parks’ web-sites are the park’s online publications, mostly PDF-files, sorted and group by category, each category illustrated by the cover of the most recently uploaded document.

The Naturpark Öewersauer’s web-site also uses our EILAPI plug-in for automated export of their agenda to

Naturpark.luClient: Nature Parks of Luxembourg

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WebWalking.luClient: Naturpark Our

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