Payroll management for the digital era. is a modular platform that has been created for payroll managers in fiduciaries or companies managing their own payroll.

The application is being developed with security, reliability and ease of use in mind.

We worked hard to create a clean and simple user interface that is intuitive to use, yet blazingly fast.

The result is an application that constitutes a huge step forward in the world of digital payroll management.

No more paper

payroll management makes your company fit for the digital era by decoupling payroll management from paper.

We worked hard to discover, analyze and digitize all the cumbersome aspects that a company must face these days (printing, filling by hand, scanning, emailing time-sheets every single month). We developed to make your life much easier.

Save your time

save your time has already proven to save 40% or more of the time invested into payroll management using traditional work-flows. Using will allow you to move away from the print-fill-scan-copy work-flow by giving your clients and their employees direct access to an online platform.


cloud storage

Imagine verifying, importing, calculating, generating and dispatching payslips through a secure and GDPR-compliant cloud storage system that doubles as a permanent archive – for hundreds of employees in less than 10 minutes.All systems are hosted in – and backed-up to – highly secure tier-IV data-centers in Luxembourg. Your data staying safe, continuously available and easily recoverable is most important to us.

Quick glance at's feature-set

  • Web-based, no installation required
  • Per-client timecodes customization
  • Per employee workweek templates
  • Auto-fill for regular work-time
  • Support for multiple contracts & amendments
  • Support for down-payments and bonuses
  • Attach files and add comments to any day
  • Input and data validation
  • GDPR-compliant payroll management
  • Doubles as a permanent archive for your documents
  • Full integration with Windows™, Mac & Linux
  • Support for mouse-less operation
  • Full integration with Softkis SM3
  • Zero-config payslip splitting and dispatching
  • E-mail notifications for company-managers
  • Roles-based permission management
  • Encryption of all data in transit
  • Server hard-drive encryption
  • Hosted in Tier IV data-centers in Luxembourg
  • Nightly backups to off-site location
  • Customizable to your specific needs
  • Support in LB, EN, DE and FR