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Code Utopia, Red Pills and Golden Years

About me

Elia comes from a different, more corporate development environment and started web application development arriving at Tentwentyfour1024. Since then, Elia discovered the possibilities of modern web development. During his free time you can find him in – what he calls – “his natural habitat”, while he’s fishing in a big river or in a pristine creek.

Let’s start from my beginning

Do you remember the famous scene in the Matrix movie where Neo chooses the red pill and a new universe become accessible to his eyes? It is that exact same feeling that I experienced when I was accepted to start a new experience at TenTwentyFour1024. During my first days I felt like Neo, when he learns a lot of new arts, simply by connecting himself to a computer.

I’ve always thought that the Matrix contains elements both from Oriental philosophy and our daily life.

Before I joined TenTwentyFour1024 I worked both to develop bank applications and to solve bugs as soon as possible, with specific technologies chosen by “I don’t know who”, maybe in line with some unknown economic market rules rather than based on their functionality. At TenTwentyFour1024 I’ve started working with different rules, of a different kind. We are always up to date with new technologies and frameworks, we choose them according to the best Performance/Graphics/Security combination that fits with the clients’ requirements. Every day we work together in close contact and we exchange views on our work with both respect and passion for what we do. Every project, every day, we know that we will eventually find the best solution.

In a chaotic and confused world market, and being originally from Italy, I feel as if TenTwentyFour1024 are the Olivetti of their golden years: we work following both our ideals and a product culture that goes beyond simple functionality.

I’m growing up fast in an harmonic environment, in a young company that looks towards the future.

"Wake up Neo, the Matrix has you... Follow the white rabbit"