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05 March 2017: It's a dev! From intern to multi-stack web application coder in 9 months

Paul joined TenTwentyFour1024 in August 2016, following a 3 months internship as part of his curriculum…
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11 December 2016: TenTwentyFour – Information Technology Craftmanship

From Web-based Applications to Information Technology Craftmanship – it’s not really a pivot, is it?…
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05 May 2016: TSoC – 1024 Summer of Code 2016

The summer job where we pay you to to work on Free/Libre Software!
– Wait, what, has it been a year already?
– Dude, just publish that post already, we don’t want to announce it too late again this year!…
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06 July 2015: TenTwentyFour1024 Summer of Code 2015

TenTwentyFour1024 to sponsor up to four weeks of development on Free Software projects during the summer months of 2015…
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27 April 2015: Being a developer @ TenTwentyFour1024

What to expect on your first few months as a developer at TenTwentyFour1024
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31 December 2014: Steep road to becoming a System Engineer - from single core to scalable architecture

The first few month at tentwentyfour1024 and what’s to come…
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13 August 2014: Four weeks at tentwentyfour1024

Blog entry written by Gilles during his four-week summer vacation job.…
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28 August 2013: Tweaking Phrozn Front-Matter

This blog entry explains how to use advanced YAML in order to take advantage of twig’s templating capabilities…
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28 August 2013: Introducing tentwentyfour1024

This blog entry introduces tentwentyfour1024 and the general theme for upcoming blogposts on 1024.lu…
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