Full-Stack Web Application Developer

This position has been filled.

In order to grow its team of software engineers, TenTwentyFour1024 is looking to hire a Web Application Developer keen on working on both front- end back-end applications, as well as the occasional hybrid mobile application.

Active in multiple sectors, TenTwentyFour's software projects range from legacy PHP application maintenance to state-of-the-art MVVC single page applications based on MEAN – and similar – JavaScript-centred stacks.

Your role

Working full-time from our offices in the south of Luxembourg, you will be designing efficient user interfaces as well as implementing web-based mobile and desktop applications according to proven design patterns and current project management methodologies.

As always, we're looking for team members dedicated to their work, even if they don't have countless years of experience. We believe that great talents have the ability to quickly learn and take advantage of new technologies. While experience can be acquired, passion and the will to learn and succeed should be some of your strongest personality traits.

Your tasks

  • Design and development of intuitive user interfaces using current web technologies (Angular2, Vue2, React, and some Backbone).
  • Conceptualisation and implementation of server side back-ends and APIs (Express, Node.js, and the occasional PHP).
  • Development of hybrid mobile applications using Ionic, ReactNative and similar frameworks.
  • Design and execution of unit-, integration and acceptance tests.
  • Research and development of solutions to our customers' varied challenges.
  • Continuous deployment of our applications using Capistrano and Jenkins.

Your skills & our requirements

You're a good fit for this job, if you…

  • …are curious, take initiative, love to constantly learn and improve, relish teamwork, but can work autonomously if the situation requires.
  • …have a solid understanding of web technologies and protocols, as well as client/server architecture.
  • …feel comfortable with CSS3, HTML5 and JavaScript beyond jQuery.
  • …have a knack for the DevOps approach and are not afraid to more than occasionally handle a Unix shell.
  • …master at least one of the following programming languages and are willing to learn some of the others: JavaScript/TypeScript, Ruby, Python and PHP.
  • …know that Chai, Mocha and Jasmine do not exclusively refer to hot beverages.
  • …have great written and spoken skills in English and good ones in French. Luxembourgish and German are considered an asset but not mandatory.
  • …have a degree in a Computer-Science related field or not. Honestly, we don't care, just show us that you're awesome at what you do!

About TenTwentyFour

Founded in June 2013, TenTwentyFour is a young technology company determined to deliver high-quality, user-friendly and thoroughly tested web applications. We strive to bring test-driven software development and *nix-based operations powered by free software tools to SMEs in and around Luxembourg. TenTwentyFour1024 is Information Technology Craftsmanship, nothing else!

What we offer

  • Attractive and varied opportunities for personal development and career advancement (On-the-job reading, paid conference visits, …).
  • No dress code and flexible working hours.
  • Ever-changing and challenging activities (Did we stress challenging?)
  • A flat hierarchy as well as a lively and creative working environment.
  • An equal vote in decision taking and the opportunity to shape the company's future.
  • Opportunities for creativity and pet-projects.
  • Professional development process (Agile methodologies, code review, version control, continuous integration, DevOps approach).
  • Excellent access to public transportation, entertainment and cultural offers.
  • Medium-term opportunities for profit participation and company shareholding.

We'd love to get to know you, your skills and experiences and to learn about any projects in which you have collaborated. Please send your resume, as well as a cover letter to or post them by mail to

TenTwentyFour S.à r.l.
c/o Human Resources
9, av. des Hauts-Fourneaux
L-4362 Esch-sur-Alzette