Presenting Nature Parks in Luxembourg

Natur- & Geopark MëllerdallClient: Natur- & Geopark Mëllerdall

Project detail

For the newly created Nature & Geopark Mëllerdall, we created a new WordPress-based website, including a bespoke theme based on a design created by communications agency Moskito and a dedicated plug-in that creates several domain-specific custom post types.

The front-page features an interactive map using svg shapes for each commune that is a member of the Nature & Geopark Mëllerdall. Each shape can be selected to find further information about the selected commune. Should any commune decide to join or leave the Park syndicate, all the web-site’s editors have to do is to add or remove a Commune post to or from the site.

List of projects

Another specificity of the Nature & Geopark Mëllerdall web-site is the Project custom post-type. A dedicated archive page allows site visitors to browse all projects and search or filter by various criteria. Once a project has been selected for viewing, you’ll notice that it’s linked to other content types, such as related and sub-projects, participating communes, events, posts and contact persons.

Linking the contents together like this allowed us to create some sort of a semantic web. Browsing to the contacts page and selecting a specific contact, visitors will also be able to see all projects that this person is involved in. As the Naturpark Öewersauer web-site described below, the web-site also includes a section to present all of their online publications.

The Nature & Geopark Mëllerdall web-site uses our EILAPI plug-in to automatically push selected events to

Naturpark Öewersauer Client: Naturpark Öewersauer

One good thing begets the next and so we were asked to also re-create the website for Naturpark Öewersauer. In terms of content, this web-site is a little more intricate than the web-site in that it presents a couple additional sections and functionalities.

Instead of Projects, Naturpark Öewersauer features Task Fields, a taxonomy of posts categorized by terms such as Mapping, Invasive Species or Biodiversity features detailed information on the park’s current undertakings. Each specific area can feature additional information, such as a descriptive summary, a photo gallery and, similar to Nature & Geopark Mëllerdall, a list of people responsible for this area and a set of related areas.

The most prominent of the additional functionalities on Naturpark Öewersauer is a front-end for interested people to see on which dates a trip with the park’s Solar Boat can be still be booked. The Solar-Boat calendar consists of a stand-alone plug-in and is implemented using vue.js, rendering almost entirely on the front-end.

More in line with the general structure of the Nature parks’ web-sites are the park’s online publications, mostly PDF-files, sorted and grouped by category, each category illustrated by the cover of the most recently uploaded document.

The Naturpark Öewersauer’s web-site also uses our EILAPI plug-in for automated export of their agenda to

Naturpark.luClient: Nature Parks of Luxembourg

After we had completed the new websites for two of the nature parks in Luxembourg we were approached to develop a modern revamp of Extended with advanced features it was to be backed by a user-friendly and future proof backoffice.

We set out to create a visually lean website that gives visitors a quick overview of the three nature parks of Luxembourg. As one of the unique features, it presents the visitor with an interactive map of the three parks that puts a spotlight on their geography and visually locates the participating communes. Animations and color-coding are used throughout the site to connect information with a specific park.

Dynamic slides with beautiful views accompanied by a short description highlight the unique features of each park and complete the front page.

Like the previous projects, the site was build on WordPress with a custom theme developed by TenTwentyFour1024 and a new look created by communications agency Moskito. WordPress features were extended by a custom plug-in that ensures simplified management of the site’s content through several domain-specific custom content types.

Our tailored plug-in simplifies publishing exhibitions and publications with attached documents and in combination with The Events Calendar also ensures an automated import of events from the park’s existing websites, thus keeping the necessary maintance and user intervention at a minimum.

WebWalking.luClient: Naturpark Our

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