Secure Email Services

Some say that email is dead and that we should drop it for something new and better, but most attempts at replacing mail have failed utterly – does anyone still remember Google Wave? – and the hundreds of emails we receive each day tell another story. Some also say that email is cheap. Get an email account at Gmail for free, including gigabytes of storage space and anti-spam algorithms that definitely hit their mark most of the time.

But not everyone wants to store their email in the cloud with Google or other free email providers, instead preferring to host their most valuable asset – information – in a data-centre protected by EU data privacy law.

TenTwentyFour1024 provides just that. An email plan that gives you control over your email, with all components based entirely and exclusively on open source technology.

Our managed email hosting solution based on the mailcow server suite, offers a reliable and secure service for individuals, non-profits and businesses.

Featuring SSL/TLS encryption of all traffic by default, state-of-the-art anti-virus and anti-spam measures, web-mail, ActiveSync support, Sender Policy Framework (SPF) support, and much more, offers a fully-fledged email-server experience at a reasonable price.

Domain administrator rights can be assigned to individual users on request, allowing you to manage your aliases and mailboxes all by yourself.

Safe and secure

Promoting the use of encrypted communication (SSL/TLS) by default, we guarantee that no authentication data, nor the contents of any of your emails is intercepted between your client and our server.

With mailvelope support coming to the web-mail solution in the near future, you will be able to encrypt your emails from within your browser without your Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) key ever leaving your trusted machine.

Backup mail-servers make sure that no email gets lost, even during maintenance downtimes of the primary server and email servers are constantly monitored by our internal monitoring system, notifying us of any issues and helping us to fix them without delay.

Let us transport your email!

If you’re interested in managed, secure email hosting with excellent support at an affordable price, contact us for a customized offer.