Systems & Operations

Whether deploying an application on your server or maintaining your existing infrastructure, we bring all the necessary know-how to operate your server environment and keep it safe.

Your one-stop shop!

Web-Application development can hardly stand alone. What good is a development company that designs the most sophisticated application, only to utterly fail at setting it up on your infrastructure? How efficient is a development company, that needs to rely on third party service providers for every step not directly related to programming? Can you fully trust a company — that can hardly set up their own server environment — to have thouroughly tested your application on a variety of systems before deployment? Is such as company even able to maintain their code review and continuous integration infrastructure?

At TenTwentyFour1024, we combine expertise in development and system operations in a single company. This makes sure that your application is deployed professionally, as designed by its developers, without delays and at minimal cost. But it also guarantees that our infrastructure is always up to date and allows us to release and deploy continuously.

Development and Operations
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Communication, collaboration and integration between software developers and system administrators aids us in building and maintaining our development, as well as automated testing and deployment, environments. DevOps is the concept of a methodology that allows us to improve configuration and control of our automation infrastructure and is thus a mandatory requirement for our agile development processes. Increased collaboration between development and system administration allows us to bridge the gap between frequent releases of new features and the need for availability and stability of our infrastructure.

Professional Development

We encourage our employees to build up expertise in both fields. A good developer is someone who understands and can work with — or around — the limitations of systems. A good system operator, likewise, is someone who not only comprehends development requirements, but is equally able to write and debug code when necessary.

We're geeks in regard to everything IT and technology, but that doesn't mean that we should be one-trick ponies, being skilled in one area only. Job variation is important to us, because it allows our employees to become better at their job, all the while enjoying what they do.