Web Application Development

We agree that the future of applications lies in the browser. We design and develop cross-platform, fast and beautiful web-based applications based on open standards known to scale. For all your data management and visualisation needs, choose a user-friendly application that runs in your employees’ or customers’ browsers, on their desktop, their tablets and their smart-phones, hassle-free.

The Web is ubiquitous …

The Web has become phenomenally ubiquitous over the last few years. A wide range of “smart” devices allow their owners to surf the web, retrieve additional data from the Internet or interact online with their friends: TV-sets, mobiles phones, tablets, photo-frames, notebooks and of course desktop PCs. With glasses, “Smart-Watches” and practically just about any device ever imaginable about to join this Internet of Things (IoT), many more devices will become capable to retrieve information from the Internet. Event if they don’t sport a a fully-fledged Web-Browser, devices will be able to interact with other Web-services using APIs and thus make the Web the most attractive platform for applications.

An image showing multiple devices of different sizes that can all browse the web

In stark contrast with most Desktop software, Web applications based on open standards are truly cross-platform and work the same almost everywhere. Regardless of the make of browser, operating system or even the device type your employees or customers use, Web applications guarantee that everyone will be able to use the very same application.

To round this off, the Web is essentially backwards-compatible. This means that Web applications that run in today’s Web-Browsers will still be running in tomorrow’s. That’s a considerable difference to desktop software running on common operating systems. If your Windows™ 3.11 software is still running on Windows™ 10, you may consider yourself truly lucky!

… user-friendly …

The Web is an area of constant innovation. With the advent of version 3 of Cascasding Stylesheets (CSS3), support for Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), and powerful JavaScript frameworks such as Google’s AngularJS or Facebook’s React, the Web has become a truly user-friendly environment enabling applications as rich and beautiful as desktop software. And the Web is still innovating, bringing forth a constant stream of new and improved libraries and utilities.

Web applications run off one or several central servers. Which means that there is no installation on your employees’ or customers’ clients, nor will they have to run updates. Web applications are installed, upgraded and maintained centrally, which reduces the required hours of maintenance considerably.

… and open

Most Web technology per se is based on Open Standards. And even if there certainly is proprietary software on the Internet, we at TenTwentyFour1024 prefer the open alternative whenever possible and avoid technologies such as Adobe® Flash® or Oracle® Java™, which require plug-ins to work, have shown vulnerable to attacks time and again and aren’t supported any more on some platforms – such as smart-phones.

A stamp saying Created with free software

Taken together with the cross-platform property of Web applications, the love of the Web for Open Standards and Free Software gives you almost total freedom of choice on the client side. What Operating System your employees use is up to you - or even them - which enables you for instance to keep licensing fees to a minimum.